Blood Test Developed to Detect Autism in Children

Blood Test to Detect Autism

Autism in children is characterized by social interaction difficulties as well as the tendency to engage in repetitive behaviors. The problem tends to appear in the child of the age between 2 and 3 years. Every child with this dilemma may not have the exact same problems. It is a lifelong problem with a number of causes including genetic trouble, severe infections affecting the brain, illness during pregnancy and exposure to toxin etc. The children suffering from autism are individual in their needs and preference.

According to a research, certain environmental influences may increase or reduce autism risk in people who are genetically predisposed. It is a complex condition which needs an investigation of multiple variables at the same time. The children suffering from spectrum disorder are diagnosed by a clinical psychologist through observing their behavior. It is also a good way which works well in detecting the problem but the technique leads to delay in diagnosis.

Nowadays, many ways have been discovered to predict whether a child has autism spectrum disorder. A blood test is a way that opens the doors to earlier diagnosis and potential future development of therapeutics. From blood test, the 24 metabolites can be measured which further tell an individual is on the autism spectrum or not.

Some researcher’s claims by analyzing biomarker in the blood of a child, they can diagnose the disease with more accuracy. According to them blood test is capable of diagnosing autism in child raise the hope of identifying and treating the problem at the earliest stage. Blood test appears to be ninety-eight percent accurate in kids of age between 3 and 10.

The new blood test seems to be as effective as any other genetic test for autism disorder which doctors currently use. It is a much better treatment for detecting problem at the much earlier stage and a large percentage of children have excellent outcomes. The treatment is a result of six years of research. Blood screening test has good accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity for the children having a risk of autism. Actually, the blood test takes a different approach, focusing instead of detecting the presence of metabolism markers.

For testing their ideas the researchers and scientists collect the blood samples from approximately 159 children.The analysis results out best in diagnosing autism cases. In fact, it’s also 96 percent accurate in identifying the children who did not have autism. It measures the level of 24 proteins which have been linked to autism for indicating whether a child is at risk for autism. The idea of a blood test for autism is good because it helps the family members to plan for future and impetus doctors to treat the children for the condition on regular basis.