Vitamin B12 Deficiency and its Cures

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

The health fact is, our routine diet is not sufficient for fulfilling every nutritional need. Even the most balanced diets can do that! In order to life a healthy life with the body that has better immunity system, we have to make sure we eat something that would keep check mark on every nutritional value. Otherwise, we would be more vulnerable to vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Out of all vitamins we have to make sure to include in our diet, Vitamin B12 is more prominent and important to include since it is help body produce red blood-cell which is crucial for proper-functioning of blood circulations.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

It is important to diagnose, whether you have Vitamin B12 deficiency or not as in negligible condition, it can cause anemia, which is referred to the ever-growing shortage of red blood cells which are in short, not good for your health.

There are some key symptoms that are presumable in most of the Vitamin B12 deficiency cases, that includes weakness, struggle to breathing and palpitation are frequently spotted symptoms. But in more severe conditions of anemia, some other then above symptoms person could also experience signs like sore mouth or tongue, weight loss, pale or yellowish skin, Diarrhea (sporadic), menstrual problems and  higher susceptibility to infections.

It became ‘must’ situation person to seek proper medical attention cause these symptoms can develop and cause Tingling or numbness of the fingers and  toes, General muscle weakness and disorientations, difficulty walking properly (staggering), irritability, confusion, early signs of Dementia and tender calves.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Home Remedies

First one need to diagnose the cause that would presumably define the further course of treatment. There are 2 basic ways to diagnose Blood test and bone marrow biopsy. A blood test can also determine what the level of B12 is. The doctor may also want to check the patient’s blood intrinsic factor, antibody levels, in order to determine whether a person has pernicious anemia. Whereas in Bone marrow biopsy, they try to find out other possible causes of red cell abnormalities or anemia

There are some ways you can avoid chance of having a Vitamin B12 deficiency. You can opt for diet that would include red meat, shell fish, normal fish, liver, crabs, and eggs. And vegetarians can add fortified cereals and tofu, cheese.

But in case if vitamin b12 deficiency is occurred then doctors have to put you through treatment course. This course includes replacing vitamin b12 with fresh vitamin B12 serum via injection and then in further treatment high doses of vitamin B12 will be given orally. In some of the rare complication about this therapy is, if in case nerve damage happens, mostly in elderly cause, can remain for persistent time and might need different set of treatment to cure or control it.

Although in most case change in diet and treatment works fine! But if you are not fan of carnivorous food then you can achieve your dose of vitamin B12 through vitamin B12-fortified grains, a supplement or B12 injections, or a high-dose of oral vitamin B12 but only in case of deficiency strike.

In most of the deficiency cases, person has to follow periodical check up routine to track the efficiency of treatment.