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Book full body checkup packages starting Rs.500 only

Pro Aarogyam 1.7 (86 Tests)
₹ 3800 / ₹ 2400    37% OFF

₹ 2410 / ₹ 1600    34% OFF

Pro Aarogyam 1.2 (69 Tests)
₹ 1600 / ₹ 1000    38% OFF

₹ 730 / ₹ 500    32% OFF

What Our Users Say?

"WelfareLabs is very responsive and efficient. We requested for a Diabetes package, they provided us the test and very good advice after the results for lowering blood sugars and future medical consideration."

Abhinav, 39, Delhi

"My husband booked a comprehensive Aarogyam test for me and throughout the entire process of quoting and testing, I was kept aware of each and every step. Everyone was extremely professional, friendly and consistent."

Deepali Sharma, 28, Pune

"I booked the a comprehensive health check up for myself. And, WelfareLabs gave me a step-by-step review of my complete physical well being."

Manish, 33, Navi Mumbai

"The results for my Iron deficiency screening were provided with appropriate amount of background information. Also, the analysis and staff reviewing the tests at WelfareLabs were highly efficient and professional."

Tanuja, 27, Mumbai

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Why Choose Welfarelabs?

Welfarelabs Pathology Center

WelfareLabs pathology lab is India's most advanced fully Automated Laboratory having its strong presence in more than 2000 cities / towns in India with a focus on providing quality reports at affordable.

WelfareLabs is a pioneer in preventive health care. We offer preventive health checkup packages designed to contribute patients and caregivers the many benefits of preventive health checkup lab testing. All preventive health checkup tests and packages (Full body checkup packages) are a crucial part of early detection and medical care. WelfareLabs Well-equipped laboratory and medical staff, who are experts in the field of preventive health checkup, design, perform and examine all lab tests, diseases, diagnosis, clinical laboratory subjects, and preventive healthcare news.

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